How to set default cursor on ExpressCrypto in Chrome

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1. Install custom CSS browser extension

User CSS -

Open the extension page in Chrome Web Store and click the Add to Chrome button. Agree with permissions and click the Add Extension button in the popup window. After installing your will be able to see the User CSS icon at the right upper corner of your browser.

2. Go to the website

Open the website in your browser. It can be the homepage or any inner page (for example your dashboard).

3. Add custom CSS code

While staying on ExpressCrypto browser tab, click the User CSS extension icon at the right upper corner of the browser. Paste the following code in the opened textarea:

body { cursor: default!important; }

Important: do not switch browser tabs! Your need to stay on website while adding the code.

4. Reload the webpage

After reloading the webpage the cursor will become default. If it does not work, try using CTRL-F5 one or more times to clear the browser cache. Sometimes it takes a second or two for browser to replace CSS after loading the page.

You need to set the code only one time and the browser will remember it for the whole website while the User CSS extension is active.